250 KW MQ

Generator Specifications
DesignRevolving field, self-ventilated, Drip-proof, single bearing
Armature ConnectionStar with NeutralZig Zag
Standby Output22 KW (27 KVA)15.5 KW
Prime Output20 KW (25 KVA)14.4 KW

30 Voltage (L-L/L-N)

Voltage Selector Switch at 30 240/139

208Y/120, 220Y/127, 240Y/139N/A

30 Voltage (L-L/L-N)

Voltage Selector Switch at 30 480/227

416Y/240, 440Y/254, 480Y/227 N/A

10 Voltage (L-L/L-N)

(Voltage Selector Switch at 10 240/120)

Power Factor0.81.0
Voltage Regulation(No load to full load)±0.5%
Generator RPM1800
Frequency60 Hz
No. of Poles4
ExcitationBrushless with AVR
Frequency Regulation: No load to full loadIsochronous under varying loads from no load to 100% rated load
Frequency Regulation: Steady State±0.25% of mean value for constant loads from no load to full load
InsulationClass F
Sound Level dB(A) Full load at 23Feet65

Engine Specifications
Make / ModelIsuzu / 4LE2T
EmissionsEPA Tier 4 Final Certified
Starting SystemElectric
Design4-cycle, water cooled, direct injection, turbocharged, EGR
Displacement133.0 in3 (2179 cc)
No. cylinders4
Bore x Stroke (mm)85 x 96
Gross Engine Power Output40.2 hp (30 kW)
BMEP133 psi (918 kPa)
Piston Speed1133.9 ft./min. (5.76 m/s)
Compression Ratio17.6 : 1
Engine Speed1800 rpm
Overspeed Limit2070 rpm
Oil Capacity2.8 gallons (10.5 liters)
Battery12V 53Ah x 1