Benefits of Hybrid Machines - The Genie Z 60/37 FE

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Whether you work in construction, maintain lighting and fixtures beyond the reach of a ladder, engage in cherry-picking, pruning tall trees, or painting high walls, you will need the assistance of hybrid machines like aerial work platforms and boom lifts to reach difficult areas at extreme heights safely. These machines enable quick and easy access, reduce damages and dangers, and the need for scaffolding.

To make the job more convenient, we recently acquired the new Genie Hybrid Boom lift which allows you to work in tough environments like a job site as well as restricted areas indoors (such as banquet halls). The Genie Z 60/37 FE is a fuel-electric hybrid. It has the potential to be the first on the job and last off. It allows work to be done outside as well as inside eliminating the need for different types of equipment through the job’s different stages, which means you’ll be ready for anything, indoor and outdoor.

Benefits of the Genie Z 60/37 FE!

The new Genie Z 60/37 fuel-electric hybrid (FE) boom lift is a four-wheel drive with the ability to climb 25% faster than standard diesel-powered lifts. From the drive system viewpoint, the Genie Z 60/37 FE functions similarly to other rough terrain machines.

This hybrid machine comes with foam filled tires that improve its all-terrain abilities and also features non-marking tires, essential for interior application. Moreover, the boom lift has fully sealed AC drive motors that are capable of functioning even when fully submerged underwater, which enables them to live up to their any terrain feature.

Another unique feature of the boom lift is that it ensures low noise and emissions, making it perfect for indoor usage and confined areas like warehouses, manufacturing plants, malls, halls, stadiums, and streets. Although the Genie Z 60/37 FE is considerate about the environment, it still has the capacity to meet high productivity needs. Its engine powered generator monitors the state of the batteries to make sure they are topped off for maximum usage. It then shuts off automatically to conserve fuel and reduce your costs.

How to use the Genie Z 60/37 FE?

Like all other aerial work platforms, operator training is not only encouraged but also required to ensure the safe operation of the Genie Z 60/37 FE. At R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. we provide equipment safety training in addition to the machinery we present to you on rent. Our in-house trainers perform special training classes to ensure your safety and the effective operation of the high-tech heavy equipment we have to offer.

For all your projects, our Genie Z 60/37 FE boom lift rentals are available at daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Give us a call to get a quote for your requirements. The boom lift can be rented from both of our branches. All you need to do is call us at (716)283-4466 and reserve the unit for your job today!

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Genie Z 60/37 FE, you’ll have a less favorable option which includes multiple pieces of equipment for the job. For example, one machinery for outdoor use and one for inside use. However, with this new boom lift, you can count on one machine, pay booking fees and deposits for one machine, and make the best use of it for multiple purposes.

To learn more about the Genie Z 60/37 FE and other equipment we rent out to clients, check out the R.B. U’Ren Equipment services here! We offer generators, aerial work platforms, and forklift rentals in Rochester Niagara Falls NY and also educate our clients and their staff on how to derive maximum benefit out of these machines. To talk to us, please click here!