Five Tips for Renting Equipment

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Renting equipment can offer an attractive, cost-effective alternative to getting things done without splurging on expensive tools or machine. Renting offers construction companies access to a wide variety of construction equipment for added job versatility without the added headaches associated with ownership, warranties, regular maintenance and repair, transportation, and storage.

However, while renting construction equipment offers a much cheaper alternative, you need to keep in mind that your time, money, and quality results of the construction is at hand when you rent a piece of equipment. To ensure that you avoid any problems when renting equipment, R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. has put together a list of five tips for renting equipment.

Tip #1: Know all aspects of the job.

Before renting a piece of equipment, whether it’s an Aerial Work Platform or a Generator, it’s recommended to know all aspects of the job. For example, if you need to do work outside as well as inside, express that to the rental coordinator, they may be able to suggest a piece of equipment that could handle both inside and outside work. Same goes for a Generator, knowing everything that requires power will allow for the appropriate unit being selected for the job.

Tip #2: Get trained.

Use equipment you are familiar with, and if you are not familiar, get training. Using a piece of equipment you aren’t familiar with could lead to downtime while the operator tries to “figure it out”. Training would eliminate any service calls due to operator error as well as costly downtime.

Tip #3: Place the order ASAP.

When renting equipment, it is always best to place the order as early as possible. Placing an order as soon as possible ensures you get the specific equipment requested. An order placed early will also ensure you get the delivery date and time requested for. Last minute orders are often given earliest delivery dates but are often not ideal for a customer. The earlier the order is placed, the easier it is to get desired equipment and delivery dates.

Tip #4: Keep the rental unit secure.

Excessive damage to a rental unit is chargeable. Many times, its another company on the job-site who just “needed it for a second”. Regardless of how the damage was done, the company who had rented the unit is responsible. Not only is damage a concern for unsecured units but also untrained operators. It would be the renter’s responsibility to ensure no unauthorized operators can get in and operate the unit.

Tip #5: Stay connected.

Keep in contact with the rental company the unit came from. Whether there’s a problem mechanically with the unit, if its the wrong unit, or even if the job is done early. A malfunctioning unit shouldn’t be operated due to safety concerns, also, forgetting to call a unit off rent can lead to charges for the unit when it isn’t being used.

Whether you require generators, aerial work platforms or forklift rentals in Rochester and Niagara Falls NY, R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. provides sales, rentals, repairs, and maintenance of equipment as well as safety training to operators. With the most up-to-date machinery and training, we offer the best generators, aerial work platforms, and forklift rentals in Rochester and Niagara Falls, NY.

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