How R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. Helps Clients Tackle Equipment Rentals

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How R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. Helps Clients Tackle Equipment Rentals

In our line of work, clients often ask for specific machinery for a particular job. However, the job site where this machinery is required is not conducive for optimum use of that machine. In situations like these, contractors are unsure about what needs to be done and face an anxious wait for a solution which leads to a buildup of stress and frustration.

R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. believes that the best way to mitigate the stress over equipment rental is to be prepared. To help you be ready, we provide you with all the information, training and assistance required to make informed decisions about your rentals.

Keep reading to learn about how we help clients who rent equipment at job sites.


The Challenge: Finding machinery that suits the job site.

R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. specializes in renting equipment to contractors. Every case we are involved in requires a vast knowledge of equipment. This allows our team to help the end user when faced with making equipment rental decisions. These decisions are necessary to keep job site productivity up.

However, when a client isn’t familiar with the equipment, they aren’t sure what its capabilities are or even what type of equipment would work best. Clients also only want to make two calls to us - the first to order the equipment, and the second is to call say the job is finished and the unit isn’t needed anymore.

Unfortunately, every job is as different as every job site, and sometimes renting a single machine may be more beneficial than renting three separate ones. The problem is figuring out which machinery best suits each job site. This is an essential part of renting the right equipment and if not done accurately, could lead to an expensive mistake.


The Solution: Inspecting the job site.

To help negate the possibility of renting the wrong equipment, a representative from R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. will go to the job site to determine what type of equipment would work best. The representative will also meet with the general contractor to discuss future needs to determine if only one specific piece of equipment would be sufficient for the job.

Based on this meeting and inspection, our representative suggests the machine that will best suit the client’s requirements.

During our inspections, we find that job sites are always changing and are very rarely occupied by only one type of contractor. Although a piece of equipment is believed to be perfect for the job, we always check-in with the client to ensure they’re still happy with their decision. If not, we’re happy to suggest changes to keep productivity going.

Once the inspection is carried out, the decision process to finalize what is required could take a day or two depending on each case. Irrespective of your requirements and decisions, we are always there for our clients and assist them from the beginning through to completion.


The Bottom Line

Whether you require generators, aerial work platforms or forklift rentals in Rochester Niagara Falls NY, R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. provides sales, rentals, repairs, and maintenance of equipment as well as safety training to operators. To get started, get in touch with us by clicking here. To learn more about how we can help you, please click here