How The New ANSI Standards Could Affect You

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How The New ANSI Standards Could Affect You

New standards for boom and scissor-type lifts, and manually propelled aerials are in the process of being implemented by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These standards will have significant implications for the construction, equipment rental, and equipment sales industries.

The new ANSI standards will be subject specific that are related to design (ANSI A92.20), safe usage (A92.22) and enhanced training (A92.24). While manufacturers will be required to supply compliant machines within one year of publication of the new standards, existing machines will not be required to comply with the new standards and will remain approved for use.

Though these new ANSI/SAIA A92 standards aren’t in place yet, we believe that it’s essential that we, as an industry, start preparing for the impact it will have on rental fleets, rental customers, and operators, as everything is soon going to change.

Some of the key changes in the new ANSI A92 standards include the incorporation of ‘Platform Load Sense’ and ‘Dynamic Terrain Sensing in Booms.’ There is also scope for the manufacture of ‘Indoor-Only Machines’ that are not subject to wind loads, allowing for the creation of smaller and lighter aerials. There are also several changes in terminology that is used.

The biggest impact it will have on the current market is that the industry will now have to spend more time on safe operation practices as well as training its staff and operators. As with any change in rules and regulations, there will be a period of retraining which takes time but is essential.

The implementation of these new standards will definitely lower the number of injuries and fatalities related to the operation of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (M.E.W.P.), formerly known as Aerial Work Platforms. 

As experts in the industry, R.B. U’Ren Equipment Inc. will be able to train operators once the rules and regulations are finalized. If you have any questions about the new ANSI standards or equipment rentals, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about what we do, please click here