Things to Avoid When Renting Equipment

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Things to Avoid When Renting Equipment

For any business, having the right equipment is a prerequisite. However, instead of shelling out large sums of cash to buy equipment you do not need often, consider renting only what you need for the time required. The equipment rental industry has grown into a massive business that provides machinery, equipment, and tools of all kinds and sizes, making it very likely for you to find what you need, without purchasing an expensive piece of equipment.

Due to the numerous advantages that renting equipment has, it can easily act as a catalyst in ensuring that your profits soar. However, as the renting industry is relatively nascent, people tend to commit several errors while renting equipment that has the potential to cost them big.

To help you steer clear of any errors that may even hinder the success of your project, we have made a list of things you should avoid when renting equipment.

1. Placing an order without having the knowledge about equipment. Companies often have people who work in the office place a rental order. These individuals have in fact never been to a job-site or seen the actual equipment in question. Rental orders like these make it difficult for the rental coordinator to ensure the right equipment for the job is rented. A funny, yet costly example would be a piece of equipment arriving at a job-site and not fitting through any of the doors.

2. Not knowing about the job site before placing an order. Many times, when a rental order is placed the job-site hasn't even been seen. Knowing the job-site allows the renter to know about any special safety requirements or the possibility of needing specialized equipment. An example would be a festival with a complicated layout of tents all needing power. Knowing the job-site would allow you to answer questions such as how much cable is needed to reach every tent.

3. Renting equipment you are not familiar with. It can be very dangerous and a costly mistake to rent equipment you are unfamiliar with. Not only are injuries and accidents possible, but property damage is also a concern. This is why operator training is always recommended. Training can help operators not just understand how a rental unit may work but also makes them aware of rules and regulations associated with that type of unit. It also enhances their ability to detect and avoid hazards that could be dangerous.

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